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The Polish Association for Yiddish Studies

gathers researchers, translators, and teachers of the Yiddish language and civilization. We are a group of people that read and translate Jewish texts: prose, poetry, and archival materials. We use the knowledge of Yiddish to perform research in the fields of history, sociology, linguistics, culture, and more. We also popularize our research in Poland. Our goal is to preserve Jewish texts as a living part of our culture. We accomplish this by organizing seminars, discussions, conferences, meetings, and also art activities. We are happy to support, through both patronage and consultation, acitivies that are similar to the goals of PAYS. 

A Member of the Association can be anyone who would like to support the causes included in the Statute of PAYS, will receive a recommendation from two members of the Association, and will pay the membership fee. You can download the membership application here. 

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